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I’m just a guy that dabbles in this and that. This blog serves as an outlet for my thoughts, beliefs and rants.  Most of what you’ll see here will broach the topics of theology, music and sports. I’m a confessional Lutheran, a fan of Kentucky (Both the state and the University of Kentucky Wildcats) and the Cincinnati Reds. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Just getting up to speed on the Five Two/ LCMS concerns. I graduated from CTC Nebraska in 1971. My father was LCMS and Slovak Synod Pastor for 56 years. Need to find out what more we can do in the local congregations to resolve this apparent problem. My brother is on Nebraska board of directors for NE District. What do you recommend? I am on the board of Elders here in Junction City, KS. I look forward to hearing from you and following you on the media. John

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. My recommendation is to spread the word about the false teachings of 5/2 to your fellow congregants and district friends. I also encourage you to reach out to you DP and circuit visitor alerting them to your concern about 5/2. While it is great to have pastors on board, I think the synod as a whole will listen more to large segments of opposed congregants than small collections of pastors. This is a serious problem and many are reluctant to speak. What is most needed is to spread the word and extend concerns to those above us so they can be compelled do something about it. I also encourage members to get involved in church boards. Become an elder or deaconess. Represent your congregation at convention. The synod needs faithful members taking a stand more than anything else right now. That is where i encourage the most activity.


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